Matthew Mendenhall and Masashi Ohtsu, the directors, cinematographers, and editors behind Cabin Fever, developed an unobtrusive filming protocol that allowed them to slip virtually unnoticed into every part of the band’s 13-day experiment culminating in 5 intimate performances for a small group of fans at Levon Helms studio in early 2009.

A departure from the band’s customary style of recording, this intensely personal portrait of the Black Crowes shows the interaction between the band members and the creative process that goes into the production of great music.

Originally from Northern California, Matthew Mendenhall moved to New York City in the mid nineties. Quickly after that, apprenticed with Richard Avedon and other legendary fashion photographers. Over the years, Matthew has built a strong visceral and unique fingerprint in his work, which has been published in a range of celebrated editorial and advertising clients including ELLE, Rolling Stone, and MOJO.

Masashi Ohtsu was born in Japan and raised in New York City. Masashi brings to his projects a broad foundation and experience in the visual arts, which includes commercial photography, video production, and mixed media. Masashi’s work has been featured in numerous publications in the USA and internationally. He has created site-specific installations in New York City and has been featured in numerous gallery exhibitions. Masashi is a Co-Founder of and the Director of Design for BMM Art and Computer.

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